Suburban football legends

What stands out as your favourite on field memory?

In 2003 after just 3 wins halfway through the season we won 13 games in a row to win the grand final. Being captain when the final siren went, was an incredible moment for the team and me.  Just being on the ground and running to all my teammates and celebrating an awesome win after being the underdogs.

How and why did you get into footy?

I got into footy playing for Oakleigh junior football club with my next-door neighbour when I was seven years old and started playing in the under tens.

What position did you play?

When I first started playing seniors I played on the wing and half back. As I got older I played a lot in the midfield and across half-forward.

Did you have any mentors that helped you get where you are today?

I had a couple of mentors over the years, the main one was Kevin Owen. I played in a senior premiership with him when I was 17 and later he would be my coach. He always gave me a free run, didn’t tell me what to do, just to go out there and play my natural game.

What does Murrumbeena mean to you as a club?

Murrumbeena Football Club has always meant a lot to me. It was the local club that we went and watched on the weekend. As a junior, I played under 12’s-16s and then straight into the seniors after that. I Made plenty of friends along the way, actually met my wife at the Club, captained the 2003 senior team to a grand final, been a member on the committee and always tried to help where I can

Do you have any advice for any current juniors or senior players?

Make the most of every game and training session you participate in because your career, although you think will last forever, it can be over pretty quickly, either through injury or getting too old to play anymore. Always give 100%, there's no reason to give anything less.


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