DALMOR Is an Australian men’s and women’s fashion brand founded in 2018 by Dylan Elkman. Inspired by Suburban Melbourne living and Australian rules football culture, Dalmor aims to bring freshness in style and craftsmanship to the Australian and international markets. The brand is also focused on working collaboratively with talented local artists, embroiders and screen printers. 

The emergence of Dalmor also dedicates and honours the memory of the late Rodger Elkman, farther of Dylan Elkman who tragically took his life in 2002. 

Creative Director/ Designer- Dylan Elkman 

I was born in Ormond, a beautiful leafy suburban neighborhood in the South-East of Melbourne. My childhood home was located walking distance from the local football club; a place where I spent most of my time growing up,  it was basically my second home.  
I pursued an interest In art and drawing from a very young age with the encouragement of my mother who has been a strong influence throughout my life and also an artist herself amongst many other talents. My first beginnings in the fashion industry came to be when I was 16 years old, working in retail for my uncle’s fashion business; very much Inspired by his efforts in making Australian made coats and outerwear. 

I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Merchandising at Kangan Institute and the Bachelors in Fashion Design and Technology at RMIT University, showcasing my debut collection in the Melbourne Fashion Week Student Runway.

I have worked for small independent Melbourne fashion brands, including Luxe Deluxe, Kalaurie, Hew Clothing and The Sourcing Studio to expand my design skills, business skills and garment production knowledge.